Ears of Experience


ALLEN LAM / PROFESSIONAL AUDIO (aka, informally "Allenears") employs appropriate technology to bring the special qualities of acoustic music and musics of all traditions to every audience member, despite challenging acoustic environments.  Specializing in capturing the sound of acoustic and eclectic instrumentation, we are equally at ease with sound reinforcement for the full electric band.  With the "Guru of Sound" you will have peace of mind knowing your sound needs are taken care of and you can focus your energies on making the music.  

There are two important goals of live show sound engineering, creating an environment wherein the performer can give the best performance possible, and projecting that performance through the equipment and environment to reach the audience as the performer intends.  It is our task to present the artists’ vision as accurately as possible.  To that end we employ an assortment of ear-selected equipment and may suggest, for instance, an unusual microphone selection or stage monitor placement.  Our quest for better living through tech ends, however, when it impacts the artists comfort level and becomes a distraction from producing the best performance.  We are supportive as well to the performer who wishes to go beyond reproduction to produce a signature sound.